Intellectual Property Rights Workshop - March 9, 2019

As part of our initiatives to combat counterfeits, which has been plaguing our industry,  and also to make progressive steps in the field of Intellectual Property, IBHA collaborated in a workshop with the support of Anand and Anand and Cell for IPR Promotion and Management (CIPAM), INTA and REACT. This was held on March 9, 2019 at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The workshop primarily centred on “The Challenges faced in Enforcement Actions in Delhi NCR”, focusing on challenges faced by IP owners during enforcing their Civil and Criminal actions and practical issues faced by Police and Customs in enforcing appropriate remedies under the law.  Eminent speakers from the government, judiciary, and enforcement agencies discussed these issues… Read more

83rd Annual General Meeting - Sept 22, 2017

IBHA President Mr. Dinesh Dayal, while addressing the members, cited the year-long progress and activities undertaken by the Association. The past year, he felt had demonstrated a very complete and comprehensive engagement of tackling not only Ministry of Health issues like in the past but also issues on legal metrology and packaging, plastics, GST, effective stakeholder outreach via our first ever industry knowledge report during our second seminar, international networking with US, EU and UK associations, FDA to FDA training seminar, and legal defense cases.

Mr. Dayal opined that the beauty and hygiene consumption growth seemed to be back on track after the double shocks of demonetisation followed by the GST transition. He believed that the industry would remain cautiously optimistic about the full year effect and expected that the overall industry growth would mirror the GDP growth of 6-7 percent in the year ahead.

A Few Snapshots From The Event

Government of India and EU Regulators - Industry Meet

July 2017 saw an important meeting organized under the aegis of ‘8th India-EU
Joint Working Group Meeting’ where representatives from Government of India,
the EU and the Industry came together to ponder upon concerns regarding
regulations on Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Cosmetics between the two
regions. Key presentations were made by the Technical committee chairperson –
IBHA and the Director General – Cosmetic Europe on behalf of the Indian and EU Cosmetic Industry.

Important topics that were discussed in detail were – adoption of notification in
place of pre-market approval, focus on post marketing surveillance and regulatory control mainly through horizontal standards aiming at safety of the

IBHA-CE-PCPC Cosmetic Regulatory Training Workshop

IBHA organised a comprehensive cosmetics workshop in Delhi in July 2017,
which was attended by representatives of EU, ISO, CE, US FDA, PCPC, IBHA and Government of India. Every aspect of the EU and US regulations were discussed threadbare in the highly interactive workshop. This session workshop was very beneficial as it enabled the Indian authorities to identify the areas that needed attention and encouraged the adoption of a balanced approach towards regulations in the days to come.

Through active interactions between Government representatives and experts, a
lot of ground was covered including key topics like:

The role and responsibilities of different actors
Best practices for a robust regulatory system
Ingredient management
Safety assessment
Good Manufacturing practices (GMP)
In-market control
Management of traces in finished cosmetic products
International standards (US), ISO TC 217 Cosmetics
Labelling and legal metrology

A Few Snapshots From The Event

IBHA Seminar 2017

IBHA successfully hosted its second signature conference themed “Redefining Beauty: The Changing Indian Scenario’ at Mumbai on June 2017. The highlight of the event was the launch of an IBHA knowledge report ‘Demystifying the future of Beauty and Personal Care’ by Chief Guest and IBHA founding member, Mr. Adi Godrej along with leading members from the industry.
The report, which was launched in association with AT Kearney and AC Nielson, discovered 8 key consumer trends, along 4 broad dimensions:

Who is consuming
What is being consumed
Why is it being consumed
Where and how it is being consumed

Included in the agenda were three panel discussions which collectively captivated the attendees’ attention. Speakers discussed the changing face of the BPC industry and defined trends and imperatives for tomorrow. The first panel discussion, themed ‘Beauty knows no bounds’ had experts from Godrej Consumer Product Ltd., Hindustan Unilever, Wipro, L’Oréal, Himalaya and AT Kearney discuss about the market being predominantly urban centric today; however going forward, how rural markets will drive growth.
The proceeding discussion brought to light interesting understandings on new age marketing, emphasizing the shift in messaging from product qualities to product experiences and how peer-to- peer models are gaining traction.
The third and the last panel shared deep insights into the future of beauty products. It was almost a unanimous view held by all the panellists that the market for colour cosmetics, men’s grooming range, and bridal care products have tremendous growth potential.

A Few Snapshots From The Event

Harmonisation of Regulations with EU updates

IBHA has always strongly advocated the need for harmonizing the cosmetics Regulations of India with that of the EU. The good news is that significant progress has been made in the past year in this regard. Our efforts succeeded in bringing together the Joint Secretary MOH, EU representatives, DG Cosmetics Europe and IBHA representatives at one forum in January this year.

AGM 2016

A Few Snapshots From The Event

Seminar on Shaping the Future of the Beauty & Hygiene Industry in India.

Held at St. Regis, Mumbai on February 12, 2016.

IBHA organised its first ever seminar on February 12, 2016 at St Regis, Mumbai, on shaping the future of the beauty and hygiene industry in India. Leading industry experts – both from India and from other parts of the world presented their views on topics such as future trends in beauty, transformation of digital impacting the market, the potential of e-commerce, driving sustainable & inclusive growth and the evolving nature of the regulatory landscape.

Around 200 executives from leading companies in this space attended the event. Google and Bain, our knowledge partners, released a knowledge report relating to the impact of digital and E-commerce on the industry and shared their insights relating to the same.

Eminent industry luminaries like Sanjiv Mehta, Loic Armand, Alexandra Palt, J C Letellier, Prasoon Joshi, Purnima Lamba, Vikas Agnihotri, Nikil Ojha, Falguni Nayar shared their valuable insights on the industry and its trends.

IBHA Team takes this opportunity to thank all the speakers, panellists and the organisers for making this event a huge success.

A Few Snapshots From The Event
Speech by Alexandra Palt