IBHA-CE-PCPC Cosmetic Regulatory Training Workshop

IBHA organised a comprehensive cosmetics workshop in Delhi in July 2017, which was attended by representatives of EU, ISO, CE, US FDA, PCPC, IBHA and Government of India. Every aspect of the EU and US regulations were discussed threadbare in the highly interactive workshop. This session workshop was very beneficial as it enabled the Indian authorities to identify the areas that needed attention and encouraged the adoption of a balanced approach towards regulations in the days to come.

Through active interactions between Government representatives and experts, a lot of ground was covered including key topics like:

  • The role and responsibilities of different actors
  • Best practices for a robust regulatory system
  • Ingredient management
  • Safety assessment
  • Good Manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • In-market control
  • Management of traces in finished cosmetic products
  • International standards (US), ISO TC 217 Cosmetics
  • Labelling and legal metrology

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